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It was the late Michael BG Blumenthal who said that "Content is the king of every kingdom" and to be honest, we totally agree. In a world where "fake news" and trash articles are everywhere to be found, people are looking for escapism within content that can provide them an added value.

The first paragraph was a complete lie.  It is quite possible that Michael BG Blumenthal never existed and that the quote above was made up by us.  Regardless, the general idea remains the same: Storytellers shell inherit the earth.

Finally Media is a publishing house that excels in producing viral stories with an edge.

We believe that a good story can inspire the reader and whenever a great story brightens up your day, you will keep on reading it. That is why we tend to focus on happy news that reach out to our readers through quality content without hurting others.

Real magic made by people. We have an amazing team of writers who can take the most mundane subjects and turn them into fascinating stories

Happy news is great news, and great news can be turned into amazing stories.

Finally, you can join and read with us :)

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